Dracaena grower "De Plaats" is also your best address for unrooted or rooted cuttings for hydroponics or cultivation in pots. Rooted cuttings can be supplied in 5,5cm plugs(54 cutting per tray), 6 cm oasis (24 cutting per tray) or 12 cm plastic pot.
Unrooted cuttings get or special treadment so they will root very easy and shipped in boxes.

Assortment table of basic material

Dracaena "Kanzi"

Dracaena "White Surprise"

Dracaena "Green Jewel"

Dracaena "Jade Jewel"

Dracaena "White Jewel"

Dracaena "Lemon Surprise"

Dracaena "White Stripe"

Dracaena "Lemon Lime"

Dracaena "Surprise"